Frequently Asked Questions

What is a franchise?

ERA was established to bring together like-minded successful individuals together and create a network so they could leverage each other’s experience to benefit their client base and lower their costs. The best way to do this is by putting a franchise structure in place. This means that each member (or franchisee) is a self-employed business owner, however they follow the rules put in place by the franchisor, who is ERA in this instance.

ERA shares its know-how, procedures, intellectual property, use of its business model, brand and rights to sell its branded products and services with each franchisee for an agreed period of time in exchange of a licence fee.

How much does an ERA franchise license cost?

One of our team will happily run through the pricing structure on a scheduled call and can answer any questions there and then.

What support will I receive as an ERA franchisee?

All of our franchisees benefit from support that is tailored around their individual needs. This includes world-class training, a dedicated support manager, a dedicated coach, mentors, bespoke IT systems package and an award-winning marketing team.

Do you help to generate leads?

Our Power Assist team offers dedicated business development support for our new starters for the first six months, offering not only lead generation but also insights and practical advice in leveraging social selling to help you generate your own leads as well.

What does the training entail?

Each franchisee’s training can be broken down into 3 key elements.

It begins with an online training portal and “homework” for you to complete in preparation for the Foundational Training. This will help you to familiarise yourself with our 10-step methodology, ERA language & terminology and IT systems.

This is followed by our Foundational Training where you’ll join typically between 10-15 new franchisees from around the world. You’ll be given all the tools and training required to become an ERA consultant over a two-week classroom based training course.

After successful completion you’ll then be partnered up with your dedicated coach, mentor, business development executive and area representative who all will assist you in the early stages of your ERA tenure.

We can go into this in more detail during a scheduled call.

Can I run my new ERA business from home?

Yes! There’s no requirement to set up a dedicated office. Most of our franchisees work from home however some prefer to take office space. The choice is yours!

Do I need to be an "Analyst" to be able to run this business?

You don’t need to be an analyst to be a successful ERA franchise partner.

Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, collaborating with each other to deliver solutions to their clients. Ideally though, you will have at least 10 years experience at a senior management level or within a sales environment.

What is the return on investment?

This will depend on you as an individual and what your goals are around activity and growth. We are happy to explain in more detail over our first meeting.

Who are ERA's target clients?

We typically work with small to medium-sized companies with a turnover upwards of £5m. That said, we also work with larger organisations such as Ikea, Bridgestone, ABB, Pfizer, etc

Can you operate the ERA business on a part-time basis?

When setting up a business, the rate of growth will depend hugely on the amount of effort put in at the beginning.

With this in mind, we would recommend that you start an ERA franchise on a full-time basis. That being said, after successfully establishing a pipeline of clients, some franchisees manage to sustain a significant income on reduced hours.

How has ERA coped during COVID19?

Prior to Covid19 changing the way businesses operate, ERA had already transitioned to working remotely, with Microsoft Teams already being in regular use for internal meetings. This meant that we were well-positioned to pivot quickly and continue to effectively support our franchisees as well as our clients.

In fact it is times like these where ERA’s business model comes into it’s own. The impact of Covid19 has meant that thousands of companies have not reached anticipated revenue targets, putting additional pressure on spending. With a franchise network of experts covering all areas of business, we are well-positioned to assist our clients in their time of need.

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