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What Expense Reduction Is

There’s a magic formula used by entrepreneurs to figure out how much money is made.  Tell me if you’ve ever seen this: Revenue –…

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5 Steps To Grow Your Career

There’s a story about how two seeds are planted in different locations.  One seed was planted in a pot inside the house and…

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Mental Health For Work/Life Balance

Stress is a real thing.  Too much of it and your physical well-being can rapidly deteriorate.  But just enough of it can produce eustress—a…

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What Do C-Level Executives Think About?

The leadership team making up an organization is the brain directing traffic down below in the intricate home base.  It’s a giant anthill. The…

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How Franchising Works

It’s a hot summer day in the park and sweat begins to drip from your pores.  Suddenly, a cool place is sounding like a…

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A Word with ERA Franchisee, Mari Nilsson

As Expense Reduction Analysts continues to grow in Sweden, several new partners have recently entered the network. Among them is Mari Nilsson, 36, who started…

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