Navigating the Impact of China Tariffs

The looming threat of U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods continues to be a point of dissension. How can your organization effectively prepare?

During these uncertain times,  your organization must implement a plan to mitigate tariff risks. Every business should understand how tariffs can affect daily operations and the bottom line.

Our latest whitepaper offers easy-to-follow best practices and guidance that:

• Puts the issue/s concerning tariffs context

• Assesses the Macro/Micro impact

• Provides prudent mitigation steps

• Offers alternatives to China import options

Determine the supply chain shifts and alternative sourcing your organization may need to adhere to. Evaluate all near and long-term costs to stay ahead of the ever-changing policies surrounding China tariffs.

Now is the time to take action. Proactively discuss available options with your current China import sources to lessen the impact of tariffs. Explore your options and determine the next steps for your organization.


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"The parties affected, in this case, China Manufacturers and U.S. China importers, seek tax avoidance measures that are available to them."