3 Pharmacy Trends Affecting Healthcare Providers

3 Pharmacy Trends Affecting Healthcare Providers

From increased operational costs to changing models in healthcare reimbursement, revenue drivers for physicians are definitely changing. At the forefront of this change is the model by which physicians receive financial reimbursement for patient care. As the blueprint for healthcare reimbursement is changing from a fee-based model to an outcome-based model, some groups will be forced to identify new revenue sources, and explore cost savings.

The analysis of trends, patient outcome versus cost, and contract negotiation will be more important than ever. Every healthcare facility can benefit from increased efficiencies and new cost-savings strategies. Look for the following pharmacy trends to emerge as critical topics of discussion in healthcare.

  • Success in the 340B Program
  • Specialty Medications Are More Prevalent
  • Company Consolidations

The changes to physician reimbursement for pharmaceuticals are coming whether healthcare providers advocate or oppose them. The key to success in this age of reimbursements is being aware that there are new opportunities for revenue gains…and new possibilities for revenue loss. Ensure your organization is knowledgeable and prepared for the change to come.

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